Blood Drive To Benefit Richard Templin at Southwestern Yacht Club to be Held on April 10, 2021

     Hello All,

I am posting this message to let you know that Richard Templin of Southwestern Yacht Club is in need of help by way of people donating blood on his behalf and to ask that you donate blood at the San Diego Blood Bank’s upcoming April 10, 2021 blood drive event to benefit Richard Templin.

The blood drive is being held at Southwestern Yacht Club on Saturday, April 10, 2021 and Richard is in need of blood so he can have regular transfusions to be able to stay alive.  Having blood for the transfusions is literally a life or death ongoing need for Richard who suffers from a bone marrow based blood condition.  The blood supply is low and having blood available is essential for Richard’s survival and the survival of many others.

The San Diego Blood Bank is having a blood drive on Richard Templin’s behalf at Southwestern Yacht Club on Saturday, April 10, 2021 between 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM.  I hope you can make an appointment to donate blood at this event to help keep Richard alive.

     All types of blood are needed and if you are able to donate blood, please contact the San Diego Blood Bank to make an appointment for a time to donate blood.  When you make your appointment, you need to provide them with Richard Templin’s code of RT19.  An appointment is required!   The contact information for an appointment and further information is:  or (619) 400-8251.   The event is being held at Southwestern Yacht Club which is located at 2702 Qualtrough Street, San Diego, CA 92106.

I want to thank you very much for doing what you can in donating blood to help Richard Templin and others.  Richard is an outstanding individual, a fine family man, a dedicated angler and a dear friend. The world is a better place with Richard Templin being alive and well and I thank you for doing what you can to help.


Bob Vanian